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At Upwards Care Solutions and Upwards Residential Care Services, we are committed to offering high-quality care and support to Young People and Service Users. Our purpose is to equip the Young People with the skills and tools to enable them to achieve a seamless transition into independent living and their own tenancy. And to support Service Users within our CQC service to remain in their own homes with a sympathetic and dignified support package around them. We recognise that every Young Person and Service User is an individual who will come to us with their own lived experiences, which is why we pride ourselves on providing a person-centered approach to every aspect of our support. Within our group homes, we provide a safe and family-orientated environment where our support staff lead by example in order to maximise the input we have into the Young Person's acquisition of life skills. 

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16+ Semi-Independent Group Living

We provide 24-hour staffed accommodation developed around offering a targeted and sustainable support service for vulnerable young people. We work in conjunction with local authorities and other identified professionals to aid in the assessment, planning, intervention, monitoring and support of all young people including those at significant risk.

Our houses accommodate both long- and short-term placements including any emergency placements. We currently have provisions located in Crewe, Hull, Greater Manchester, Oldham, Sheffield, Derby and Preston. All of our provisions house between one to a maximum of four young people aged between 16-25 years to ensure we create a ‘family setting’ environment.

All young people are encouraged to personalise their individual fully furnished bedrooms whilst adhering to the Health and Safety regulations of the provision. All our provisions have a communal living room with shared kitchen, bathroom and garden facilities.

We work in conjunction with training and education providers as well as therapeutic intervention professionals to complement our services. We work with local organisations who offer apprenticeship opportunities for our young people and refugee services for our Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children. We have a versatile staff team, within which discrimination in any form is not tolerated. Our staff are well trained and experienced to ensure our young people will have the best support and guidance to achieve their outcomes and move towards independence.

Ofsted Registered Children's Homes

We currently have one Ofsted registered home in Stoke-on-Trent which can accommodate up to three young people who present with emotional, mental health and or behavioural issues.

Our main approach is one of therapeutic parenting. This approach defines how we work with our young people. At Birches House, we believe that young people should be cared for in a structured, nurturing environment with an emphasis on firm boundaries and routines while encouraging them to have fun and enjoy their childhood. We believe it is essential to create a family setting and we work hard to make the home as ‘normal’ as possible. To achieve this ethos, we seek the input of our young people so they feel the home is theirs, and one where their  views and opinions are sought and valued. 

We aim to promote empathy, improve self-esteem and emotional regulation and to practise safe attachment. Staff work with the young people to help them to achieve emotional regulation, and improvements in all aspects of their social emotional and behavioural functioning and strive to equip them with the tools to move them on to group living, family or independent settings. 

CQC Services

We currently run a domiciliary care service in and around Greater Manchester. Where we provide high quality, person-centered care to people in their own homes. We are committed to ensuring that people are allowed to live the life they choose with support and guidance to help them achieve this within a safe and confidential environment. We foster an environment of empowerment where service users are supported to be as independent as possible and live the life they choose.

We always show our service users kindness and respect ensuring that they are not discriminated against for any reasons, including gender, religion, race or culture. Our service users are treated with the dignity as we would like to be shown to ourselves. To this end we will have no tolerance for any form of abuse.

We will listen to our service users and make decisions about their care in consultation with them and their families in a mutually respectful and supportive manner.

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